Weldon HensonWeldon Henson is to country music what an ice cold beer is on a “long, hard, hot, day” – refreshing. The first few notes out of his mouth and you know you’re witnessing the real deal. He’s a musician who can more than hold his own on the guitar and a songwriter who’s lived his lyrics, particularly when it comes to his truck driving tunes that are reminiscent of growing up in the various cabs of his family’s big rigs and drag line pits. So far he’s paid homage to that way of life by including a truck driving song on each of his three albums; his 2008 debut album Tryin’ To Get By, 2009’s Trouble For Me, and his latest record, One Heart’s Gone – a work on which the vocal maturity of this Budweiser beer, Lucchese boot sponsored baritone clearly resounds. But, truck driving tunes are only the beginning of this seasoned songwriter’s repertoire. The titles alone of his most popular Texas country music station singles “Tryin’ To Get By,” “Turned to the Bottle,” and “Trouble For Me” convey the assorted life experiences that resulted in the lyrical biproducts of this genuine artist.

Though he had a musical upbringing in Humble, Texas, Weldon’s music career didn’t start to take off until his Air Force days and after he received a guitar and a wise push from his late grandfather. Having been stationed everywhere from San Antonio to Abilene and from Utah to Korea, he’s called Austin home ever since being honorably discharged in 2006.

Henson’s shows are a throw-back to the vintage honky-tonk and Texas culture that brought your grandparents together combined with the rock ‘n roll attitude and approach of the more modern men of Texas country. Weldon’s hard-hitting, original country music demands as much energy from the dancers, who never seem to leave the floor, as from Weldon and his band. “The dancers truly become part of our show. I can’t tell you what it means to a musician to see folks running to the dance floor.” Weldon’s original and cover repertoire is one of the most extensive on the Texas honky-tonk and dancehall circuit making him a popular choice among venue owners and their patrons. He has become a present day favorite in the legendary town of Luckenbach, TX and you can catch him at his weekly residency at the famous Broken Spoke in Austin. Wherever you’re lucky enough to catch him, prepare to swing, 2-step, waltz, and even polka to authentic, brand new honky-tonk music. Then sit down for a few and take a deep breath of original and true country music.